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Essential Oils to Help you Lose Weight?!? Really?!?

It is FEBRUARY. What on earth happened?

Time is flying as usual.

I made my plans a the beginning of the year, as I do every year to recommit to health.

This year I have extra motivation to fit into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. (It isn’t chanel or anything, but I don’t want to buy new!)

So I decided to try a couple new avenues.

1. Paleo

I kinda love it. I really decided I wanted lo-carb, whole food, in general healthy diet. If I picked a name then I can google, Pin, and buy cook books. So I decided I would pick the Paleo diet. (plus it lets you eat honey and chocolate?!?  No brainer there).

So far so good! I have been enjoying cooking new things. ABSOLUTELY having cravings for bread…

I sometimes just walk through the bakery section and touch and smell everything. But really I want to do this:

I also of course have started taking photos of my own food. Come see them sometimes?

It’s not like every meal! Promise!


Favorite breakfast hands down:

3-Ingredient Breakfast Skillet- Gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo | Lexi




2. Essential oils

I started using these last year. BUT this year I am committing to using them as much as I can! (I mean I have bought at dang ton of them! Made the investment).

I figured I should see if they help in my weight loss goals. They kinda do!!!

My gal Essential Mama did an amazing blog post on how you can use your essential oils to aid in your weight lose!

One of my favorite tips from her:

•peppermint essential oil•

peppermint essential oil has unique weight loss benefits. it is great for reducing appetite and helps suppress cravings. we feel full because of a special mechanism in our brain and peppermint works on that part of the brain which triggers the feeling of fullness when you eat. it is found to be more effective than any other scent in creating serotonin in the brain that is linked with cravings for sweets. a study on the effects of peppermint scent on appetite control confirms that participants inhaling peppermint essential oil were less likely to feel hungry and had fewer cravings than the ones who didn’t inhale peppermint essential oil.
plus, it is great for huge array of digestive issues and can soothe an upset stomach.  it also helps with candida that often influences weight management and weight gain. peppermint essential oil is packed with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and minerals like potassium, iron and magnesium, so it helps not only in weight loss maintenance but also nourishes the body and promotes the feeling of well-being.

daily uses:
– peppermint essential oil smells refreshing. you can diffuse few drops of oils before meals to reduce the appetite.
– peppermint tastes great and gives an extra little energy as an added benefit so you can even add 1 to 2 drops of oil to your glass of water and drink before the meals to have the same effect of reducing appetite.  i love adding a drop to my afternoon cup of coffee!
– adding peppermint essential oil to your drinking water or topically on your wrists or behind your ears can help energize and improve workout performance and endurance.

Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil   {and my 10 favorite uses for peppermint essential oil}:

I also love her ideas for Grapefruit and Lemon!!

If you are interested in starting to use essential oils in your home let me know and I can get you all started!

Or if after reading this you decide you want to try a couple oils I may have some of them on hand in the studio or I can order them for you. or text me: 5854893551 with your order!

5 tips for getting better photos of your kids

We all want to get better photos of our kids, right?  Every day is another day older. They will never again be the exact age that they are today. You’ve gotta document it! Believe me, I know!

But kids are hard to photograph. This is an understatement. My daughter may or may not have written the book on this. So here are a few tips from Chelse on how to take better photos of your kids:

5 tips for getting better photos of your kids | Glow Weddings Blog

1. Food is a great distraction. I’m thinking Cheerios. Puffs. Anything small that they can sit and munch on and then you can get them to smile at you. (Note from Jessy: my daughter was super excited to munch on the piece ice cream cone that my husband grabbed as we rushed out of our house).

2. Beware of the light. While light is an important part of photography in general, kids have a really hard time looking into very bright light. They will never look at you if they have to look into the sun. Be intentional about where you place them.

3. Here at the studio we are typically singing. Itsy-bitsy spider, if you’re happy and you know it, there was a farmer… It keeps them happy and they forget they are getting their picture taken!

4. Try and get to the level that they are at. While different views can create different effects, getting down on their level and photographing your kids will show them a bit more in proportion and you can usually interact with them a bit more. Which brings me to the final point:

5. Don’t tell them to smile. I know this sounds counterproductive, but bear with me. This may seem innocent enough at first, but after a while when they get sick of smiling and are over it, they’ll just put on a fake smile. Nobody wants a fake smile. So interact with them and make them laugh. Then you’ll get a genuine, organic smile and maybe a few shots that show your kid’s unique personality.

5 tips for getting better photos of your kids | Glow Weddings Blog